Facebook June 20 2019

For anyone that has found your way to this Blog, let me say that I'm pretty much having a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Way back in 2013 I started a Facebook page for Quilting Around, but for whatever reason I decided to stop posting to it. But in a way to try and relaunch the Quilting Around brand I thought I would start posting again, well when I try to log in it keeps asking for an "ID Verification" so I've sent my ID several times, yet I get no response and to add insult, I've researched and guess what Facebook DOES NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER. Are you kidding me ??? A billion dollar company and it doesn't have a customer support phone. And trust me if you try to google and find a phone number it is fake and a scam. So long story short at this time yes there is a Quilting Around Facebook page, BUT I have no control over it and can not post or anything and further more since I can not log in, I can not delete the page either and start over.