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    Radiant Cross Quilting is BACK !!!

    I know many of you were very disappointed when I was no longer able to do the Radiant Line Quilting on your crosses. Well with this new APQS machine it would appear that problem is SOLVED, so I can continue doing the Radiant lines on your Crosses.

    There is a NEW minimum charge for anything that goes on the quilting machine

    and that is $50.00

    Update starting in 2022 prices will increase for quilting from ¢.016 per square to ¢ .0175

    Just so everyone understands as long as you bring your quilt top into the shop before December 30, 2021 to be placed in line, then you will still get 2021 pricing.
    The Price increase is for quilts brought in AFTER December 30th, 2021

    Sorry no custom quilting.


     Just a little bit about me, I've been quilting since 2009.

    With out sounding like I'm bragging even though that's exactly what I'm doing I've won several ribbons for my quilts and quilting. I even won a blue ribbon with a quilt that only had an edge to edge quilting on it, so that's why I always tell people unless it is really going to be an Heirloom quilt or you are wanting to enter your quilt in a show. I don't see the need of spending all that money on custom quilting.


    Preparing your quilt for quilting

    • Please DO NOT embellish the top with buttons or crystals before quilting or anything else that either the hopping foot can't go over or break a needle.
    • Clip and remove all loose threads from the back of the pieced top, they can get trapped between the top and batting and show through to the front of the finished quilt.
    • Press, press, press (do not iron, which can stretch seams) make sure seams lay flat on the quilt top.
    • Backing needs to be a total of at least 10" MINIMUM  bigger than your top. If you are using wideback then it needs to be 10" minimum.

    • If the back needs to be seamed together, the selvages should be removed from the seam. (Selvages can cause the machine to miss stitches.) You may leave selvages on the outside edges in fact I prefer there to be a selvage, because I then know it is straight when I load the backing. Also press the entire backing.
    • Borders should be flat. If not, this may cause tucks and pleats to fix the fullness. It would be terrible to put all the hours into your quilt top to have the borders detract from the finished product.
    • (Note: If you need to piece your borders it is really best practice to sew them with a 90 degree seam and NOT the traditionally taught 45 degree seam. The 45 degree seam creates bias and almost assures the borders will have extra fullness. I realize many of you have been taught to do your borders this way including my own mother, but there really is not any reason to continue with this practice.)

    How to calculate the price: example quilt top is 75"x 90" =

    6,750 total square inches

    6,750 x .016 (or current quilting charge) = $108.00 + $5.00 thread charge per quilt + batting charge in this case we add 8 to the 75 = 83 divide by 36 = 2.31 yards times which ever batting you select let's say the basic cotton $12.00 per yard so that is 2.31 x 12.00 = $27.72. Add it all up $108.00+ $6.50 + $27.72= $142.22 sub total plus tax.

     Batting Charges

     Batting charges are based on a linear inch, instead of sq. inch you can refer to the example above to calculate batting charges.

    Unfortunately we don't allow you bringing in your own batting and do require that you use our batting. We do this to maintain consistency with the way our batting quilts out as well as it coming off a large roll and laying more smoothly not folded up. However we have several different batting to select from.

    • 100% Cotton Batting 90" and 96" wide is 12.00 per yard. 
    • 100% Cotton Batting 120" wide is $15.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Dream Cotton (Select Loft) $12.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Dream Poly White is $10.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Midnight Black Poly is $11.00 per yard
    • 100%Bamboo or Wool is $19.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Dream Orient ( Silk Blend ) $20.00 per yard
    • Hobbs Cotton/Wool Blend 80/20 96" wide $19.00

    Choosing a Quilting Design

    Unfortunately I have so many designs there just is not enough time to go thru them all. 
    What most of my customers do is give me an idea of what they like and then I proceed from there. 
    If you want a general idea of some of the quilting designs please visit our "Quilts For Sale" page and some of the pictures you can see the quilting and get a general idea of what my quilting looks like as well as various designs.

     General Practices

    When I'm finished quilting your quilt I do what I call a rough trim, just so there is not all this extra fabric flopping all around. You will then need to trim exactly how you want it. Also when I quilt I baste the quilt with a normal stitch usually only about 1/8th of an inch in the quilt, many have said they like this because when it comes time to put on the binding the stitching creates a nice finished edge to add the binding. And finally I always quilt completely off the quilt top, I do that so as to minimize any stops in the quilt top it's self, of course there are occasions when the bobbin runs out in the middle of a quilt, but I try my best to start at least an inch of re-stitching.

    Oh and one last thing if you do have me quilt your quilt the money you spend goes through the shop so it adds to your Rewards, remember for every $400.00 you spend you get a $25.00 Reward as many of you know it doesn't take much to get to a Reward when quilting is involved.

    Okay I think I have covered just about everything I can think of, of course if you have any further questions please feel free to contact the shop at 817-599-7810.