Quilting Services- NEW PRICING


       Effective June 1,2017

    My quilting prices will be ¢.016 for an Edge to Edge

    Sorry no custom quilting at this time, we can refer you to others that still do this time consuming process.



    Preparing your quilt for quilting

    • Please DO NOT embellish the top with buttons or crystals before quilting.
    • Clip and remove all loose threads from the back of the pieced top, they can get trapped between the top and batting and show through to the front of the finished quilt.
    • Press, press, press (do not iron, which can stretch seams) make sure seams lay flat on the quilt top.
    • Backing needs to be a total of at least 8"-10" MINIMUM  bigger than your top.

    • If the back needs to be seamed together, the selvages should be removed from the seam. (Selvages can cause the machine to miss stitches.) You may leave selvages on the outside edges. Also press the entire backing.
    • Borders should be flat. If not, this may cause tucks and pleats to fix the fullness. It would be terrible to put all the hours into your quilt top to have the borders detract from the finished product.
    • (Note: If you need to piece your borders it is really best practice to sew them with a 90 degree seam and NOT the traditionally taught 45 degree seam. The 45 degree seam creates bias and almost assures the borders will have extra fullness. I realize many of you have been taught to do your borders this way including my own mother, but there really is not any reason to continue with this practice.)

     Batting Charges

     Batting charges are based on a linear inch, instead of sq. inch you can refer to the example above to calculate batting charges.

    Unfortunately we don't allow you bringing in your own batting and do require that you use our batting. We do this to maintain consistency with the way our batting quilts out as well as it coming off a large roll and laying more smoothly not folded up. However we have several different batting to select from.

    • 100% Cotton Batting 90" and 96" wide is $8.00 per yard. 
    • 100% Cotton Batting 120" wide is $11.25 per yard
    • Quilter's Dream Cotton (Select Loft) $11.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Dream Poly White is $9.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Midnight Black Poly is $11.00 per yard
    • 100%Bamboo or Wool is $16.00 per yard
    • Quilter's Dream Orient ( Silk Blend ) $16.00 per yard