Clearance Room July 29 2019

Update 12/17/19

We have added a Last Chance Table some of the items are listed here online and some are 1 of a kind and can only be seen in the store.

Update 11/05/19 Added a few Jinny Beyers Color Palette.

Wholly cow, we have added over 100 bolts of mostly Stonehenge to the Sale Room and we have lowered the price to $5.99 per yard. Minimum 1 yard cuts please.

Reward Program June 24 2019

Starting June 18, 2019 we are going to start the Reward Program spend $400.00 and get $25.00 Gift Certificate.

This will include Quilting Services and Online Purchases

Facebook June 20 2019

For anyone that has found your way to this Blog, let me say that I'm pretty much having a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Way back in 2013 I started a Facebook page for Quilting Around, but for whatever reason I decided to stop posting to it. But in a way to try and relaunch the Quilting Around brand I thought I would start posting again, well when I try to log in it keeps asking for an "ID Verification" so I've sent my ID several times, yet I get no response and to add insult, I've researched and guess what Facebook DOES NOT HAVE A CUSTOMER SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER. Are you kidding me ??? A billion dollar company and it doesn't have a customer support phone. And trust me if you try to google and find a phone number it is fake and a scam. So long story short at this time yes there is a Quilting Around Facebook page, BUT I have no control over it and can not post or anything and further more since I can not log in, I can not delete the page either and start over.

Name Game June 17 2019

Stop by the store during the week of 12/17/2019- 12/21/2019 and get a FREE Fat Quarter if your name is :

Sharla, Hughleen, Cle Juan, Minda or Wanell