Pineapple - 1930 Block of the Month PRE-CUT

$ 25.99

Ok I think we will be able to make a few kits when this BOM is finished. We will keep you posted.

Okay all you fans of the 1930's and those of you that have been curious about doing a pineapple quilt.

Well now you can give it a chance since EVERYTHING is PRE-CUT, that's right 45 pieces per block. I'll be honest I was a little intimidated at first, but as soon as I started sewing and seeing how well everything went together, it really was a piece of cake.

This quilt will have accents of butter yellow and the white will have tiny prints on them (little tip if some of the white with ting prints appear to be too dark just flip the fabric wrong side up.) And of course all the prints will be random 1930's prints.

Well now you can give it a shot since EVERYTHING is PRE-CUT, that's right 45 pieces per block.

This is a 12 month program and you will eventually have 64 blocks ( Months 1-5 you will get 4 blocks, Months 6-11 you will get 6 blocks and your final month you will get 8 blocks for a total 64 blocks giving you enough for a queen size quilt 8 blocks across and 8 rows down making it 96"x96".

NOW, if you think that might be too much work or maybe money is a little tight, I can make this suggestion, get a friend and you can split the cost. Each of you will have enough to make  60" x 72" lap quilt. (You will actually only need 30 blocks to make the lap quilt) leaving 2 extra blocks each to maybe make pillows or something.

Every month every part will be put into individual baggies for there proper placement, please realize the amount of cutting and work involved in putting this together really makes it a bargain. I can not stress enough to keep your pieces in their baggies until needed, this will make life much easier.

This will officially start September 20th, 2019.

Also note I will be introducing to Batik Pineapple quilts at the beginning of 2020.

Picture is only a sample size, this block of the month will be a total 64 blocks.

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