*Perfect Squares Queen 94"x94"

$ 149.99

Quilters, this is another Villa Rosa pattern "Post Card Patterns" and it is called Perfect Squares. NOW in the picture I did it pretty much exactly like the pattern except I added a border and mine is 74"x 74", HOWEVER in the pattern it only ask for 24- 10" squares, so I did the calculations to use the total 40- 10" squares. The only thing is there are a few squares that are fairly light and will not be much contrast. But after I put this quilt together I still had left overs, so once you cut out the needed squares for the larger size, try and disregard as many "light" ones as possible. For the larger size you will have 4 blocks across by 4 down. As you can see my sample is only 3 x 3.

This is all batik fabric and the main colors are from a collection called "Seedlings" by Island Batiks.

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