Dino Scene 108" Wide Back*

$ 49.99

Since this is a wide back I do rip between the panels and as you will see as with most panels it's NOT perfect. However knowing the selvage is straight I use that as my guide. So that is why you will notice larger amounts of black on one side than the other, OR that is tapers from selvage to selvage. I recommend to just trim all the black off. Then using your selvage cut a nice 90 degree angle, then it will be pretty square.

All right this is a first for me, I've never seen a "wide back panel" that is what this is basically it is 108" selvage to selvage and each section is approx. 82" wide. And this picture doesn't do it justice, in person the colors are so vivid I thought that T-Rex was coming right at me !!! If you have anyone that likes dinosaurs then they will LOVE this. It would be so easy just to add a back to this and quilt it up can call it a day. So to confirm the price is for 1 piece/panel that measures approx. 82"x 108" I can not confirm if this is digitally printed, but I'm lead to believe that it is just because the colors are so remarkable.

It is by Robert Kaufman.

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