Pattern Corrections

This is our correction page:

Yes we hate to have these pages, but even as much as we try to get it right, there seems to always be a mistake.
Please read through and see if the problem you are having with one our patterns is listed below.  If not please give us a call at 817-599-7810


Starburst Mountain

Light fabric it says 8.5 yards it really should only be 5.25 yards.


Charmed Steppin Stones

Light fabric says 3 yards or 42 strips, it needs to be corrected to 2 yards or 26 2.5" strips.


Medici Kit

The picture does not match the correct sashing placement, please refer to the layout below to see the picture below for the proper placement, this will be the same for the Indigo kits as well.




 Stars of the 1930's or Civil War Stars

 I forgot to mention that the flying geese units will need to be trimmed down to measure 3.5" x 2" unfinished, to make your star block.


Time Warp

Under the cutting in instructions for Fabric 3 - it says that you need 32 - 3.5" squares, you actually only need 24 3.5" squares.


Knotty Chevron

On page 1. when referring to the Dark Brown strips it says 2", BUT it should say 2.5". Sorry about the confusion, your strips should already be cut in the proper size, PLEASE DON'T trim them down.