**Take 5 Haiku-Lagoon PRE-CUT**

$ 79.99

This is another wonderfully easy kit, this time we are using 2 fabrics one is Ombre and the other is a focus fabric. It is all PRE-CUT we are going with the "Original Size" of the Take 5 with Borders so this kit will measure approx. 64"x76" Again like the other Take 5's we have done with Ombre fabric there is not any "numbers" to pay attention too just size of the blocks to put the main block together. I just recommend laying them out to get a feel for the different shades and try to have a good mixture.

You may wonder why is this Take 5 more than some of the other Take 5's we have had, well this is "Digitally Printed Fabric" and some of the other Take 5's were done with Wideback Ombre which is less expensive.

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