Pineapple - Batik Petal Pushers PRE-CUT 96"x96"

$ 29.99

Although this BOM is sold out, I think we will have enough fabric to make some kits in the future.
If you have ever wanted to do a Pineapple quilt, but were intimidated by all the piecing, well we have good news, this Batik Pineapple Block of the Month is 100% PRE-CUT all you have to do is sew and iron. I will say the last half square is ever so slightly larger so you may have to trim the block after sewing it. Petal Pushers is a Batik line from Island Batiks and it has some of the brightest most enjoyable colors I've seen.
This is a 12 month program and you will eventually have 64 blocks ( Months 1-5 you will get 4 blocks, Months 6-11 you will get 6 blocks and your final month you will get 8 blocks for a total 64 blocks giving you enough for a queen size quilt 8 blocks across and 8 rows down making it 96"x96".

NOW, if you think that might be too much work or maybe money is a little tight, I can make this suggestion, get a friend and you can split the cost. Each of you will have enough to make  60" x 72" lap quilt. (You will actually only need 30 blocks to make the lap quilt) leaving 2 extra blocks each to maybe make pillows or something.


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