Magical Half Squares- Black Pearl Block of the Month

$ 8.00

Black Pearl colorway batik is mysterious purples,plums, and misty lavenders, deep bluish grey. There is even a octopus in there, but he is pretty much sushi by the time everything is PRE-CUT. The batik background is what they call "PFD" prepared for dye, so therefore it is very thin feeling and light since it doesn't have any dyes or wax in it.

This “Block of the Month” is really quick and easy. Every month you will receive 40 PRE-CUT Half Squares of a Print and a Background. So at the end of 12 months you will have 480 complete units. Now for the fun part picking out a design layout. Everyone of these layouts is 20 squares across and 24 rows down. So in our case we are using a 3” Finished square so that means your quilt will be 60”x72” a nice size throw. Binding of our choice will be included in the 12th months.

We will include a picture in black/white so you can see all the different layouts. They will be

Barn Raising (that’s the one that looks like it is growing from the center out) Optical X,  Slanted Diamonds,  Pinwheels, Boxed In, Inversion. (See other colorways for how the layouts can differ.)


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